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LATIGO K9 Executive and Family Protection Dogs range in price from $8,000 - $13,000. Personal delivery is available within Costa Rica and to any international destination. The labour for delivery is included in the purchase price of all our fully trained LATIGO K9's. The labour includes delivery of your dog, acclimating them to your home and family and basic handler training. The expenses of airfare, hotel and car rental are the responsibility of the buyer. 

We guarantee all of our dogs against ANY genetic health defects, including Hip Dysplasia, for the life of the dog. We can do this because of the level of care and attention that goes into our breeding program. A trainer selling imported dogs cannot offer this level of guarantee. 

When you invest in an Family or Executive Protection Dog from LATIGO K9, you are buying the most effective sucurity you can own.

Is it possible to custom train a Service Dog?

Absolutely. If you have a specific job for your dog or maintain a lifestyle that brings about unique challenges, we are more than happy to work with you to train the perfect LATIGO K9 Service Dog for you. This could be city living, maritime travel, air travel, etc. 

What is a Perimeter Dog?

​A Perimeter Dog or Guard Dog, is a dog that has been trained to guard an area, not a person. A guard dog will deploy and defend a specific area, regardless of whether the handler/owner is present. These dogs come from specific breedings and go through specific training. These dogs are completely anti-social. Our Perimeter Dogs are only sold to pre-approved clients.

What is an Executive Protection Dog?

An Executive Protection Dog is trained to respond either on command, or in response to aggression, to protect one handler.

What is a Family Protection Dog?

A Family Protection Dog is a highly trained dog that will integrate into your family the same as any other pet dog. The difference is that your FPD has been trained to respond, either on command, or in response to aggression, to protect you and your family. Think of it as a loyal security guard, who instinctively can tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy.

How is the LATIGO K9 training method different?

Our training methods are different from 99% of what is out there because we do not believe that we are teaching our dogs anything new. We are simply communicating with our dogs to use their natural abilities for our benefit. We do this without the bribe of toys or treats. You'll see that there is no ego involved in what we do, which is a significant shift from saying "we teach our dogs to bite" or "we teach our dogs to track".

The fact is that ALL dogs bite, we simply teach our dogs when it is okay to bite and when it is not. ALL dogs track, through communication and praise, our dogs track specifically who or what we ask of them. By removing our egos and refraining from imposing human psychology on our dogs, we are free to work with them in an unlimited capacity. 

The care and training we invest in our puppies determines the working dogs they become in the future. At LATIGO K9 we pride ourselves on our dogs real world capabilities, building our dogs foundation on handler communication, patience and each dog's natural working ability, thus creating a far more stable K9 team. 

​There is no place for toys, tugs and treats in our training. Our dogs work for the handler plain and simple. We choose to take our time in training. Exposing our dogs to every possible encounter imaginable, so whether placed in your home or working on duty, our dogs have seen it, dealt with it and moved on.

When owning Executive or Family Protection Dogs, communication is key and LATIGO K9 training is where it all begins.

LATIGO K9 Executive and Family Protection Dogs