LATIGO K9 Executive and Family Protection Dogs 

​A Security Company of Distinction and Character

Strong. Loyal. Stable



that allows us to constantly monitor and control the stability of our dogs. Most other training facilities import dogs from outside breeders thus having no intimate knowledge of the dogs and must rely on what the breeder tells them. If they are breeding for looks, then they are breeding dogs for show, not for work. LATIGO K9 pairs dogs in every breeding to bring out specific working abilities, regardless of the "look" of the dog.

​​P​urchasing a Protection Dog

Nosara, Costa Rica       CR 506.8704.3793    US 209.379.5200

We maintain a very strict breeding program at our facility. The genetics of each breeding plays a large role in determining what each dog will be used for. Maintaining our breeding program gives us the intimate knowledge of our dogs 

For any security measure to be effective, it has to be integrated into your life. The beauty of LATIGO K9's Family and Executive Protection Dogs are that they become part of your everyday life… ready at all times to protect. 

We have trained dogs on hand that are capable of joining you and your family immediately. Or, allow LATIGO K9 to custom train a dog to fit your specific lifestyle.

LATIGO K9 breeds, raises and trains German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Beligian Malinois. These three herding dogs have the ability to problem solve, the drive to push through difficult situations and the stability to integrate seamlessly into your home and work life.


Only LATIGO K9 bred Executive Protection Dogs combine the best of both worlds... The potential to protect from any threat with the stability to become part of your everyday life.